Quick Loans: what waiting times? Opinions 2019


Getting fast loans is one of the needs that you often face. The economic needs of a person vary over time and here, sometimes, the speed in obtaining a certain sum of money makes the difference.

For this reason, there are many lenders and financial companies that, today, offer the possibility of obtaining quick loans, very fast solutions designed especially for employees and retirees.

Postal Service, with its Best bank loan, is one of these companies. Should I apply for a fast Postal Service loan if you need money quickly? We see in this 2019 review the opinions on the matter.

Postal Service fast loan, convenient?

Postal Service fast loan, convenient?

The credit solutions provided by the Italian Post Office rely on the Best bank Current Account or a Postal Booklet, but not necessarily, in the sense that for some time now even those who are not already Postal Service customers can apply for it.

The amount that can be requested ranges from 3,000 to 30,000 USD, in the norm of other loans from competing banks and financial companies. The repayment term instead ranges from 24 to 84 months.

Employees and pensioners can have access to this financing in a short time from the moment of the request: it is sufficient to present a copy of your identity card and tax code, a proof of income (such as a paycheck or a pension slip) and you can is ready to get funding.

Within 24/48 hours, usually, an answer is already obtained and, if it is positive, you will be able to receive the credit of the requested amount, directly to your Best bank account or to another current account.

To get your money even faster, you can:

  • go to the post office to collect the amount in cash (up to 10,000 USD)
  • get the loan amount credited to the Postepay Evolution

The repayment of this personal loan takes place through the payment of monthly installments with a fixed amount, which are debited to the Best bank current account, to another current account, to the Postepay Evolution Card or, if you prefer, are paid through postal slips.

Mini Loans with Postepay, are they faster?

Mini Loans with Postepay, are they faster?

If you need little money and you are looking for a really quick answer, you can consider mini loans with Postepay : starting from 1,000 USD, repayment by credit on Postepay Evolution and duration of the loan equal to 22 monthly installments, the question for this financing it can also be made in any post office counter, even on Saturday morning, for emergencies that cannot wait.

Are Postal Service loans really fast?

Are Postal Service loans really fast?

On the official website, Postal Service does not provide any indication of the waiting times for the response regarding the requests it receives, but this does not mean that answers cannot be obtained in a short time.

To be sure, however, we recommend that you go to any post office and ask a person in charge, who will be able to provide all the necessary information and will allow you to understand what timing to expect regarding the response from the Post Office.

In the meantime, we leave you with some tips, valid for everyone, on how to find really fast financing:

  • Permanent and retired employees have the fastest response rates ever;
  • If you are self-employed or temporary employees and want to make the procedure faster, additional guarantees can be provided. For more information, also read about Postal Service loans without paychecks;
  • Failure to report in the register of bad payers helps in speeding up the practice;
  • Being able to go and get the money in cash at post offices helps to speed up, as you don’t have to wait for the technical times of the transfer.